Morning wakeup

Woke up this morning not feeling good (I feel fine now that I am up moving around). Jello and I have talked for several years of getting yearly portraits done. We mean well, but either due to money, time or just not getting around to it we put it off.

This morning I woke up upset that we hadn’t started it already years ago. Don’t get me wrong, not a single regret with what Jello is doing, rather just a regret I didn’t record more before the transition I guess.

I sat up for a few minutes with that regret, then I felt another wave of being bad/regretful that I even had those feelings in the first place. I am happy in my marriage and with my husband (and I was happy with it when I woke up and felt bad about the past, not about the current situaiton). I guess I am just maudlin this morning.

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