Unexpected Support

First, I want to just say that my parents (Jello’s in-laws) have been supportive of his decision to transition. However, no matter how supportive they have been, I hadn’t expected this call.

About three nights ago I got a call from my father who was a bit tipsy. Whenever he is in that condition I am very aware of everything he says. Having grown up around him and a dozen bikers I knew that some of the most horrendous things could be said without thought (with much apologies the next morning).

He first confirmed with me that I might get a job that would require me to travel for training. It would require me to travel during the week down to the capitol and stay in a hotel for two months of training. Jello and I have already worked through this and accepted it might be needed.

I confirmed this to my father, and to my surprise I got a lecture from him. He lectured me that Jello would need me, and I better make sure if the job gets in the way that I quit that job and be there for my husband. He then reiterated it several times, and then wished me a good night. He politely hung up, leaving me stunned.

I sat there stunned for a few seconds, Jello asked me if anything was wrong and I told him what happened. I swear his jaw dropped like a cartoon character’s jaw would. We both recovered quickly and recounted how unexpected that was. We both knew my father loved Jello, but the quickness they accepted and his firm belief I need to be there for Jello was unexpected.

My family has a lot of problems, but evidently support for a transitioning spouse is not one of them.


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2 Responses to Unexpected Support

  1. vaweber says:

    This made my day! How beautiful!

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